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Maxi Madness

January 11, 2015

Hello again! It has been a crazy time since my last post. Well this is a very important post for me as I am introducing my photographer Shreya through this one. When universe works in magical ways, you find someone who totally believes in you, shares your thoughts and supports you. That is Shreya to me. She is fun, focused, super talented and a lot more. It’s amazing how we gel and it has been such an awesome experience starting this post itself. More importantly, she is around whenever I need her. Works around my busy schedule!! So she is going to be my photographer for the next few posts!!

You can find her on: preciselypicturesque@gmail.com and contact her at 9819889974.

So for now, I am totally thrilled about introducing my first maxi dress here as I have been kinda obsessed with them since the time they became a rage. And truthfully, its been quite a love affair. Generally about maxi dresses, I think its that piece of clothing which is great with all body types and there are so many ways of wearing them making it ideal for any occasion.

I personally own many and now I feel certain types have got too common. As a result, I have become very selective about the types that I pick up. Trust me, this is also my way of not completely losing interest in them by owning too many and not really knowing how much wear I will get out of them.

Photography by Shreya Shetty (Precisely Picturesque)

I am wearing-

Dress: Urban Outfitters; Skirt: Ted Lapidus; Bag: 20 Dresses; Boots: Forever 21; Earrings: Miss Flurrty; Cuffs: Ayesha Accessories; Neckpieces: Accessorize; Hat: Forever New

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