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The Swing Dress: My summer favourite!

May 25, 2015

Hello beautiful world! It’s the crazy summer time, and I love making the most of it especially when it comes to clothing. Also, the divine revelation as to what is going to be a hot favourite this summer. So this time it’s the swing dress. I am totally crazy about this silhouette, not only coz of its casual appeal but also coz it naturally makes me wanna swirl! The best ones I guess usually come in light fabric and are unlined which makes them so easy to carry as a perfect daytime outfit. And when I find these swing dresses in florals, they become totally irresistible. The trouble is when I like a style, I could go on buying it till I find another cut or shape to go crazy about. I have picked up too many this season from my favourite girly brands like Forever 21 and Lulu’s. This one is from I just loved the brand since the time I discovered it and the best part about this California based online retailer is that it has no international shipping charges!! So it is actually free shipping to India as in no minimum order requirement.

This is an unlined dress so I had to be careful how to wear it and I followed what the model had done on the site. Simply wore it with cut-offs underneath it. And trust me, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Few years ago, I would never dare to wear an unlined dress, but as I am getting bolder in my dressing, I need to devise means and measures to wear them with utmost ease. I frankly think it’s a good idea to go for shorts beneath the dress as it gives the sense of a top to the dress. I have successfully worn many tiny dresses with the absolute safety of denim shorts underneath them. Of course a cover up in the form of a jacket or a shrug is a must to avoid feeling uncomfortable if the dress is too transparent. This post was shot in the morning of March so I threw over this warm crochet and fringed jacket which complimented the swirly dress. Boots are no summer choice and specially in this city. But I just love boots with short dresses. My leather bag had layers of lace which looked super pretty with the crochet of the jacket.

So I am certain I am gonna be wearing a lot of swingy dresses this summer. They are one of the easiest outfits to throw over and no denying that I love their flowy and swirly ways. So have a great summer and keep swirling!!!    

Photography by Shreya Shetty (Precisely Picturesque)

I am wearing –

Dress: Tobi; Jacket: Only; Bag: Marks & Spencer; Boots: Steve Madden; Cuffs: Forever 21; Neckpiece: Accessorize; Hat: Accessorize

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