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This Little Yellow Dress

August 11, 2016

It’s the strong July morning wind that’s making my hair super messy here at Carter’s.  Purpose – this little yellow dress from Nasty Gal finally gets to show itself on Sue’s Project. Yes, this little yellow dress. Fully laden with fine embroidery, so mesmerizing the perfection of which caught my eyes instantly in their ‘dollar 25 dresses’ section back then.

I am not someone who follows trends blindly. And I do have a tendency of not straying too far from my comfort zone when it comes to clothing. At this stage as a blogger, I am sure I haven’t experimented much. Consequently, I may not be able to blog about everything that is currently trending. This section of Sue’s Project is more of my personal style sense and I am fully aware you’ve already seen a few short cute dresses. But I can assure you, there will be more varieties in just a matter of time!

I love this dress for two most important reasons – the fit and the fabric. This dress happened to me when I was new to the whole online shopping thing and the experience with Nasty Gal only helped in strengthening my new found love for online shopping at that time. Coming all the way from California, some of these brands can actually get you hooked to the whole online shopping thing.

I have a liking for embroidery which is so intrinsic to our Indian aesthetics and makes the dress so graceful in its appeal. Further, the cut and the sweetheart neckline were just ultimate. A cover-up for a short strappy dress is a must as it makes a delicate dress such as this look more regal. My light blue jacket was a perfect choice and it served its purpose well. The colour of the dress is enough to spruce up these cloudy days. My white sneakers looked so pristine against the muddy terrain and they were perfect for a casual day out (although not an ideal choice in such weather). White accessories also looked great against the colour of the dress and kept the look completely understated and soothing.

Photography by Shreya Shetty (Precisely Picturesque)

I am wearing-

Nasty Gal dress, Only jacket, Forever New bag, Converse sneakers, Forever 21 necklace & bracelet

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