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Hint of Mint

August 16, 2016

Hello beautiful people! These photos were shot a while back when I was this crazy person buying too many Forever 21 outfits. Well, it had just arrived! Found these pictures and thought might as well post them. Wish I had more of these. I was super excited about this outfit as it spent quite a few months tucked away in my closet. I have a habit of keeping in hiding those of my favourite outfits for which I feel I do not have the right accessories to go along with. To me, each outfit has to be complemented with the most suitable accessories for a complete look. Now that I have everything in place, I am ready to go with it starting this post. And of course, pretty outfits like these deserve more than being stashed away in the closet.

Firstly, this post is mostly about the accessories. I usually like to have some colour co-ordination within my accessories. I usually match my bag with my footwear or my jewellery. Colour coded accessories always add a meaning to the overall look. Putting together accessories for this look was very spontaneous. I had randomly picked up these pieces and they blended fairly well, of course in colour.

As for this outfit, I am totally in awe of this sheer white skirt with a short inner lining and an added length which only grants more grace to it. A breezy outfit with a very calm, ‘quiet afternoon’ kinda feeling and indeed very much a day-friendly outfit. I prefer simple silhouettes with a bit of reinvention of my own. I personalized this by wearing it high up and complemented it with a fine floral print crop top which in every way works well alongside clean white contrasts.

When it comes to accessorising an outfit like this, I follow a rule: the simpler, the better. So that’s why I opted for light mint green accessories as it gives a very serene touch to it. I am keeping everything simple by opting for flats and a very easy going satchel. Note that care and caution for your accessories in such a light shade and fragile material is a must. Honestly, even the less worn shoes and bags start chipping off over time. You are not really saving your accessories by using them rarely, but by using them right.

Another favourite component of this look is my Miss Flurrty ‘Cyrene Drop’ earrings just to perk up the minimalistic approach. The look is further complemented with multiple cuffs in a combination of silver and mint.

I am wearing-

Forever 21 crop top, skirt & slippers, Pieces bag & cuffs, Miss Flurrty earrings

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