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Def Leppard Tie-Die T-Shirt Dress

June 29, 2019

The humble t-shirt has gotten elevated into a dress and has become incredibly popular. I got mine at Urban Outfitters. Throwback the 80s, I am wearing this vibrant tie-die t-shirt dress bearing a Def Leppard logo. So exciting! I still debate with myself if Hysteria is my favourite Def Leppard song or Love Bites. But that argument will be best left for another time. Nostalgia is the highlight of this look more than anything. T-shirts are a great way of expressing emotions, beliefs and thoughts most subtly. Keeping the music from the 80s and 90s alive is a cause that I deeply care about. I have pledged to collect t-shirts that bear the names of my favourite bands, the ones I grew up listening to. From now on, I will wear my musical taste with pride!

Needless to say, that no rocker chic look is complete without a t-shirt that features the logo of a rock or a heavy metal band.  It is not new that the names of your favourite bands infiltrated the t-shirt scene. What is more impactful is its presence across retailers even now. I am creating a stylish and edgy look in an attempt to relive the rocker chic trend by adding my own twists and turns. A rocker chic look doesn’t necessarily have to come with black leather jackets, boots or metal accessories. It can stay neat and minimalistic in plenty of achievable ways. I had to keep it simple trying to look my younger self as if preparing to go for a gig. Simplicity always adds another dimension to the look. I guess I made this more of a street wear too with white sneakers, vintage denim jacket and some eye catching accessories.

I love the dress with its oversize charm and casual appeal. I layered it with a vintage jacket to make it more classic and dress like. Finally, I have a pair of mirrored sunglasses to add to this look that makes a spectacular statement. It kinda mixes the whole retro vibe in the outfit with the frame and colour to do all the talking. They seem so bright, sunny and fun. This is an eyewear that was conspicuously missing in my collection for a long time. The mirrored sun glasses and the sneakers take the rocker element from the look and place it into a completely sporty one.

Finally, nothing more stylish and innovative than a see-through tote. While it makes its own powerful statement of being super high on trend, it does seem weird to display the contents of your bag.  But you can always place some cute stuff in that transparent bag of yours and demonstrate the must-haves that should be forming a part of a girl’s bag. These bags often come with a clutch inside which is separable from the bag. If you are not a messy bag person, this is your thing! My Studio 33 Jen’s tote is made of such unique material that almost feels as fragile as paper. So pristine, this is a season must have!

I am wearing –

Urban Outfitters dress; Superdry jacket; Fila sneakers; Studio 33 ( bag; Aldo Accessories sunglasses; Guess watch;

Photo by –

Sanket Kashid (insta:

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