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New York 2019 Travel

The Story So Far

September 29, 2019

Lately, I had been spending a lot of time thinking what lies beyond my work station. For the last fifteen years, its predominantly been work with its ups and downs controlling my life completely. It was really time to break away and get out of that comfort zone I had created. Work took priority and then came my passion for fashion and cooking. I have largely progressed in the two and have spent extensively to give them my best. So its been a good life and it got me thinking about what remains unexplored. Traveling. And Just like that, in one fine moment and without much thought, I booked the tickets to ‘The Big Apple’ – New York City. I booked myself on the Air India Flight 101 that has a non-stop flight to John F. Kennedy Airport. In the coming posts, I will be sharing my experiences about my journey through NYC. Get ready!

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