Kiss Proof by Colourbar

July 17, 2019

A few months ago I checked out the Colourbar store nearest to me. I was introduced to their ‘kiss proof’ range of liquid lipsticks that I found quite interesting. Well I can’t really test if its kiss proof, but obviously that indicates that the lipstick is non-transferable and lasting. So I picked up two shades, one is called ‘Rustic’ and the other is called ‘Pricey Affair’.

Rustic: It’s a beautiful shade and I am trying something like this for the first time as I have always been a nudes and browns kinda person. The colour looks like a brick red and has a very pretty finish. I am wearing it in my post ‘Velvet-playsuit’ dated on February 3, 2019.

Pricey Affair: This one is a dark brown. Looks very regal. Perfect for those who like their lipsticks dark and like to experiment. I am wearing it in my post ‘Mixed Print Cami and Gladiators’ dated June 22, 2019.

The range is quite interesting and has got other pretty colours in it. It’s a liquid matte and comes in a sleek casing. The lipstick applicator is very easy to handle and if you have the right skill, you could do a great job with it. I like the lipsticks for the shades but I am not sure if it actually lives up to its name. Coz it did dry up and started lightening right in the middle of the lips which takes away what it stands for and the re-coats also don’t help and meet the same fate soon after. It also starts cracking eventually. So as recommended at the store, I use a Colourbar lip prime before applying the lipstick. Definitely makes it better as the prime, which is essentially like a balm, provides the much needed moisturizer and creates the helpful base. So I probably would not reach for it as a day-long wear, but I guess it is alright for some quick and short occasions. Do try!

Products: Colourbar (includes two lipsticks and a prime+ care)

Photo by: Pradip Hazarika (instagram: pradiphazarikaphotography)

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