New York 2019 Travel

Photo Shoot at Times Square

October 13, 2019

Finally, I am here. A place that I have wanted to see for so long. The streets that I have wanted to walk for so long. A place I would like to call my dream city. A city that never sleeps. A city where every street is named or numbered. A city easiest to figure, how much ever complex if feels at the beginning. A city where art, music, tradition and so many cultures co-exist harmoniously. At Times Square, you could somehow sense the whole world come together. Like I had never seen before. A city much more than the sets of your favourite movies or TV shows.

Sometimes, I would just keep walking. Alone. Unnoticed. I did not know that walking the streets of a big city with very little or no chance of bumping into someone familiar can be so enthralling. Looking at strangers. So many faces. So many languages. Just people. Crowd. Noise. Chaos. But Times Square was also a place where I felt calm. Like everything suddenly metamorphoses into some sort of stillness and I felt so peaceful. Just calm. Away from my real ordinary day to day life in my city. Away from work, calls and all the madness and monotony. Everything just felt right in my life. I have a job. I have family and friends back home. I am loved, I am adored. Standing amongst strangers and smiling for no other reason except that it felt so surreal. A moment I will not have again in months. I felt truly liberated. I could be myself. Dress the way I want to. Be the way I want to. Smile and laugh with strangers. Those I would never cross paths again. I was weaving so many memories. I can say I discovered the meaning of living in the present moment for the first time. And finally, the feeling that I would plunge into the same old life soon enough, so the inevitable urge to enjoy that moment. And I did. I truly did!

I am wearing –

Rachel Roy shorts; Forever New top; Kensie jacket; Carlos by Carlos Santana boots; I.N.C. bag; Emilio Cavallini tights; Natasha earrings & bracelet; Hathi Chai necklace

Photo by –

Samuel Roberts (insta: samuelrobertsphotography)

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