The Black Slip Dress

February 16, 2020

February makes me shiver…. Time for a bit of layering and overall easy dress up with something as basic as a slip dress. Slip dress, messy hair, a cardigan so soft that keeps falling of my shoulder that is teamed with a hobo bag. The look is just enough for a quick stroll to the coffee shop on an early Sunday morning.

A black slip dress would ordinarily land up into my nightwear section but this one was bought altogether with a different intention. Let’s just see what happens kinda intention. There is definitely a thin line between a black satin night slip confined at home underneath your covers through the night and the baddy that gets to go outside. So indeed, caution is advised. However, the trends surrounding the slip dress seemed to have long outdone any apprehensions of it as a mainstream outfit. The perfect layering piece is what you need for starters. So pick a statement leather jacket or a long cardigan and let the slip dress stay buried under them or wear the dress over some warm pullover or high necks.

This is one item that is clearly both a summer and a winter wear but I personally feel its reinvention as a winter wear more daring however really stylish. It’s also being currently worn in several ways such as paired with a t-shirt and sneakers that creates a unique street style making basic wear always irresistible to occasions of moderate dressing. Well right now my way has been to add knee high boots to anything with slits. Just combining classic with cool.

I am wearing –

H&M dress; Carlos boots; Matty m cardigan; Promod bag; Frasier Sterling necklace

Photo by –

Sanket Kashid (insta:

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