Green Plaid Skirt

March 1, 2020

What comes to your mind when you see a pleated tartan skirt? For me, a school uniform that most certainly only existed in my fantasies as a growing girl and was best portrayed in a bunch of cult chic flicks that I grew up to. I am hoping I have got my readers interested. Either way, they make me go weak in my knees at the very first glimpse. Pieces such as these are a few things that keep strengthening my resolve to always dress young till my body permits. Determined and unapologetic. Needless to say, that it’s a timeless piece that shall always stand tall be it in the young adult fashion realm, and with their colossal uprising, even for those who are way past their teens. As a teen in the 90s, for me a tartan skirt signifies grunge in the most endearing way. And why not? Its all about releasing your inhibitions and fearlessly pursuing the ideology of not being restricted to anything that even remotely makes you succumb to the outdated perception that some pieces can only be worn by a certain age group. Hashtag: don’t dress your age.

I had been looking for a perfect plaid skirt to start with and after a watchful probe into several online retailers, I finally found a match. This baby has also led me to start something new: Recreating looks of some of my favourite TV or movie characters. Not too sure how much I will succeed, but I will give it a try. My dressing sense is very much inspired by the TV shows or the movies I watch. So here goes my attempt to style this skirt in three ways. However, there is a plethora of styling options going from the classic low-key and even something that can easily transform into some serious street-style.

Look 1: What would you give to go back to school? Typical school girl look teamed with derbies. I didn’t have a tie so I have used a thin stole and made it look like a tie.

Look 2: Just added and vest and removed the stole. Just loved how the same colour vest and the skirt complement each other.

Look 3: A faux leather jacket, one of the most versatile jackets of all times and a pair of slouchy boots. Switched into a t-shirt inside with the stole intact.

All of the above looks are finished up with stockings. For me, not adding stockings is unimaginable to complete the look.

I have tried to recreate a few of Serena’s looks from Gossip Girl. Not sure how far I have succeeded, but I enjoyed attempting it, atleast with the look 1 and 3. I can say I played with plaid to my heart’s content and I am still not done. I want to create more and more styles. The possibilities are endless. Minimal accessories is the way to go in order to highlight this statement piece with full vigour. Being careful with the accessories is a must as overdoing or mismatching may break the beauty. No fancy hairdo required. Keep the hair as simple as possible. To conclude, you can’t go wrong with a plaid skirt. It is so cute, eye catching and feminine. School girlish and a girl-next-door kinda thing. Hoping to bring more and more styles with this classic piece. What do you say?

Forever 21 skirt; Max Studio jacket; Marks & Spencer shirt and t-shirt; Lulu & Sky vest and stockings; Sisley stole, Zara shoes

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