Urban Outfitters Olive Green Backless Dress

August 15, 2020

I would fret at the thought of stepping into a backless dress. But thanks to the bralette trend that has come as a respite for indulging into the exquisiteness of it. Things have gotten super laid-back since the bralette became fairly rampant in the styling scene. Something that gained impetus as an everyday styling object for models in the recent times has also seamlessly trod into the regular closet as a ‘must have’. Now that the models have given it a stamp of approval, most unquestionably there is comfort in experimenting with it, there being a plethora of styling options available.

I had some pieces before and now it seems like they just tore through the closet and got out. What is undoubtedly bold and sexy is also very advantageous and can be easily styled in the utmost chic ways for backless dresses and much more. Gradually, it has in fact become a part of the mainstream outfit with the sudden spike in their usage. Truly a versatile piece. It’s got such a unique tone to it and makes the outfit super sultry in a stroke.

I wanted to start with the most basic one, black and lace. The black lace bralette peeks out from underneath a cross-strapped olive-green linen dress. The bralette makes the outfit super eye-catching and I finally flaunted my back valiantly. The outfit is perfect for summer being sexy and casual at the same time. I feel my first experimentation with the bralette has fructified.

The stockings are just a dramatic twist to the outfit. Sometimes the most unusual pairings prove to be the finest ones and this is strikingly noteworthy and this combination is high on trend at the same time. Also, this is the first time I tried stockings with sneakers. Finally, achieving minimalism of the outfit with the rest of the add-ons. Well, nothing shall hold me back from donning a backless outfit anymore. Just have to style it right with the bralette and have loads of fun with it. Backless problem finally solved!!

Urban Outfitter dress & necklace; Fila sneakers; Calvin Klein bag; Guess watch; H&M bralette & stockings

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