Daisy Print Slip Dress with Knee-High Boots

December 12, 2020

Meanwhile, it’s the onset of the knee-high boots season worldwide. Unfortunately, they are not whether-friendly for all cities and the same goes or over-the-knee boots, both of which have been a rage lately. You get what I am saying given my location and the sigh that comes with it. I hate that I don’t get to wear them enough which also restrains me from buying them. Fact is, some of us have to deny ourselves the pleasure of winter dressing like layering and donning knee-high boots. You might spot them after sun-down if you are out and about letting your hair down. In any case, when it comes to fashion, I can comfortably agree to the idea of being season-less to the extent I can. I couldn’t dodge the urge to take these knee-high boots out for a day and just dress them down with a humble slip dress. Anyone who knows me knows my love for slip dresses and this weird combination surprised me as it seemed to have quite a whimsical vibe. A pair of 100$ boots worn with a 20$ dress. Even if it isn’t an ideal match, I had fun. A bright tote with large earrings completed my look.

I am wearing –

Forever 21 dress & bracelet; Carlos boots; Dune London bag; Only earrings

Photo by –

Sanket Kashid (

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