Lace top with Only Faux Leather Tie-up Shorts

May 14, 2021


Time for some faux leather. Don’t find them ideal as they are not very lasting. They just tatter at some point and then the splurge is painfully regrettable. Seemingly a trend that is full swing, I thought I’ll grab one to create a look as a match for this Victorian lace top. Had been wanting to create an evening look for some time. Worked alright! Faux leather or artificial leather is a fabric with some texture which gives the look of leather. It therefore takes multiple forms and is not just limited to the typical leather stuff like a biker jacket or leather pants. The flexibility of the fabric obviously enables it to take multiple forms. It’s known by various names such as PU leather, pleather, vegan leather and comes with a tag of “cruelty-free” that got it super popularised as a means to protect animals. The fabric has its own advantages. Its light and easy to handle. Can be tailored into a variety of outfits. You can see how well these shorts fit. Tie-waist shorts are high on trend and this pair turned out actually to be a very well fitting one. Besides its finesse and cut there is plenty of room for movement. It made up for a cool evening attire. Really looking forward to styling it more.

My lace top from Glamourous created quite a fanciful juxtaposition with these faux leather tie-up shorts. What was listed as white surprisingly came with a dainty light blue tinge to it. I love things that are old worldly so obviously gravitate to such pieces. They are so graceful and classy and have indisputably become an all-occasion trend. My top that is adorned with a powerful string of ruffles on the bust looks delicate yet manages to make a worthy statement. Have worn this top with black pants, black pencil skirts, the look manages to stay on point with the trend while remaining functional and classy. This lace goodness supplemented with the ruffles leaves no scope for accessorizing. The point is that despite the classic Victorian lace top being so dreamy and romantic, it can conveniently be turned into contemporary dressing with little hassle. The lace and ruffle look great juxtaposed with faux leather and also pretty much wholesome within themselves. What I really love about the look is despite its voluminous feature, it doesn’t look too dramatic or costumy.

Lastly, without wanting to take the attention away from this lace gorgeousness that is combined with faux, I put on some patterned black tights to compliment the elegance of the look and also coz it really fits into my personal aesthetic. Well, I am actually obsessed with tights so you can imagine my love for something like a pair of these ultra-thin ones in lace. They glue to the skin as if you are inked and that’s the part that I love the most. Slipping them underneath these shorts was something I particularly enjoyed as it added a bit of jazz to the outfit. Took out my slingback closed-toed heels out of my business-formal closet to add a twist to the ending. Also, a simple black clutch to go with.

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Glamourous top; Only Shorts; Urban Outfitters tights; Aldo shoes; Accessorize clutch

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