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Main Attractions

October 6, 2019

Statue of Liberty

I was always drawn to the Statue of Liberty as a kid. Finally, I got to see it while also being on a fun ferry ride! Getting a view of the Liberty statue was fairly easy and one of the first things I did in NYC. Took a subway to South Ferry, the southernmost part of Manhattan and also the last stop of Subway Line 1. From my place, I had access to Subway Line 2 and 3 to Downtown and Brooklyn so I made a train change to Subway Line 1 at 14th Street. There is a free ferry that goes to and fro to Staten Island every 25 minutes. It gets crowded though but that’s alright coz the vessel is huge and can accommodate a massive crowd of tourists. Its super organised despite being free. The journey is beautiful and you get a spectacular view of the statue. Get your spot on the deck and try to get the perfect shot. The ferry docks at Staten Island where you can just chill and enjoy the view of Manhattan across the East River. Take the ferry back and enjoy another ride clicking more pictures just in case you need to. On your way back, you also get a glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge and it looks beautiful. I just loved the ferry ride.

The Grand Central

So where have you seen this place before?? Hehe! The iconic opening scene of Gossip Girl. I had to click this one. Of course, the whole architecture is truly magnificent from the outside, but the inside is what feels like the pulse of the city. Man, if only our good old Churchgate looked like that. Maybe someday! There is so much inside here besides the trains, its hard to tell it’s a station. Eateries, ATMs, entertainment, restrooms and much more all laid across in the most convenient way. What a way to wait for a train? Even if one doesn’t have to take a train from here, one must experience the Grand Central, a national monument also holding together the lifeline of New York City.

Times Square

Always like this. Day or Night!


Attending a Broadway show was on top of my list. Right behind the steps at Times Square is the tickets counter open only at specific times. You could also book the tickets online but you will end up paying more. The hopeless romantic that I am, I opted for the longest lasting shows in the history of Broadway. The Phantom of the Opera. I got my orchestra seat and the Majestic theater located at 245 West 44th Street in midtown Manhattan was packed with the finest admirers of this iconic show. For me, it was timeless as much as it will remain unforgettable. The performances, the exquisite ballets, music, costumes and sets were mesmerizing. I can’t describe the feeling I got experiencing Broadway the first time.  One has to experience Broadway to know this feeling.

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