The Bubble Skirt

October 7, 2018

It’s October and soon the air is going to fill with the sound of festivities. The party season is calling out and everything in my wardrobe that is black, mesh, sequined and shimmery is going to come alive and compliment this cheer. This post is about a ‘bubble skirt’.

Time again some quirky runway pieces make way into the shelves of our favorite retailers and some of us naturally gravitate towards them to keep up with what is trending. The ‘bubble dress’ is one such creation. It’s so voluminous with the hemline folded inside supported by the firmness of the fabric. Essentially, a piece of clothing with a bubble effect! Mesmerizing, but it’s a little wacky at the same time. I don’t think it’s easy to pull off and frankly speaking many would find it horrifying.

I found it at H&M and got really tempted to try it. I had spotted it in the promotional pictures for the A/W 2017. I really found it cute especially seeing it styled over the model paired with fishnet tights. And we all know how much I love tights. I was ecstatic when I found the skirt on sale. Again, I wasn’t sure how I would style it. I did peep into its origin for inspiration and finally mustered all my strength to make it wearable.

I just combined it with a mesh body suit which had this whole skeleton like feature to give the outfit a taste of some eerie darkness as a further twist in the tale of this weirdness. The skeleton fashion also has been noteworthy in the recent times and I think it is not simply limited to creating a Halloween outfit.

The next important thing to the outfit is the fishnet tights which add the seductive femininity and so effortlessly draws attention to the legs. I am totally in love with them and have collected a few with a variation in the sizes of the diamond grids that are formed when the tights stretch. This pairing ensured that my outfit stays chic and it also kinda drifted into a very edgy territory with the goth vibe so undisputable. Anyways, I think the fashion world owes a lot to fishing!

Now, my silver kitten heel boots and my sequined bag from my favorite retailer Urban Outfitters. The chunkiness of the two is simply unbeatable. I think both pieces are absolutely versatile and timeless. Especially, the kitten heels are just adorable and I welcome them into my collection with all my heart. I have a lot of thick soled boots and this was pleasant escape from my usual. They are so delicate, youthful and can be paired with a lot of outfits.

Finally, I tried dark lips and messy hair to complete the look as I could not think of anything else to give the look the conclusion it deserved. I also added a pair of quirky earrings and my usual stack of dainty bracelets. This, in all probability is going to be my Halloween outfit. Sorted!

I am wearing-

H&M skirt, bodysuit, tights, earrings; Accessorize bracelets; Urban Outfitters boots and bag.

Photo by: Pradip Hazarika (instagram: pradiphazarikaphotography)

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