Ditsy Floral Dress

April 14, 2020

Spring may not seem the same this year, but spring is spring. The advent of cheer, warmth, festivities, blossom, green shoots, harvest, colours and above all, regeneration. It only makes sense that it is the beginning of a new year for so many cultures. I love the spring breeze and all that it carries with it, and this time for sure, it is hope.

A wardrobe to express spring and summer is all I need. I am so excited to bring in ditsy print this summer and I am gonna make it to the end with it. It’s so striking, vibrant and comes with such a heavy dose of freshness. It turns my whole life into colours. And as chaotic as the prints appear, it also brings a countryside kind of calmness at the same time. As much as it makes me feel like a ‘girl next door’, I can’t help but imagine myself walking alone in the backdrop of nothing but the green fields while the breeze comes as an aid for a picturesque frame. Sometimes, just feel like diving straight into a tropical getaway. So flattering, feminine with the bright blooms exuding such intensity. All of my add-ons are yellow and I couldn’t make a better choice. A statement tote that features an embellished pineapple works well with this bold piece. A light-yellow shrug and yellow flats do the rest. Also, my bracelet is almost an exact match of the dress. A pair of rose shaped earrings helps in keeping the look minimalistic. Although I feel that this ultimate summer staple needs nothing but a smile as an accessory. Welcome April!

Soaked in Luxury ( dress; Beira Rio slippers; Dune London bag; Pieces bracelet; Forever 21 earrings

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