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White Lace Dress

October 14, 2018

There is no denying that I am obsessing over see through dresses and am unable to stop myself from posting them again and again. We have already witnessed my playfulness with a couple of mesh pieces in the recent posts. It’s time to experiment with a more tried and tested piece, an unlined lace dress. While rummaging through the pile of clothing in the last few days of the Zara sale, I just somehow found this one and luckily in my size. Since I found this in sale, I made sure that this didn’t have a lining lying somewhere else. It didn’t. A simple, well-tailored unlined, full length lace dress in ivory. Any lace or sheer piece in ivory is just too enticing and seductive for me to not try it. I think pretty soon I may need to cure myself of this obsession. But the truth is, these have also become as common and wearable as any other opaque dress and this trend is only peaking.

Peeping through the dress are my favourite high waist shorts and a bralette and I must say it feels fiercely bold within the limits I have set for myself as far as the see through goes. It still felt right and I could get out of my home like I owned it. But again, donning a dress that bares so much is never going to be easy especially when I am trying to channel some serious festival time party goals. I needed a lot of self-confidence, much more than simply testing my styling skills.

Now that I sported the dress correctly, I knew I had to add more value to this dress by adding something as eye-catchy as my Madewell ‘Transport’ Leather Tote to spruce up the look. The elegance of lace combined with the brightness of red. I had ordered it online through Nordstrom Rack, the American retailer. I totally recommend this brand as the bag is total value for money. In fact I consider it a brilliant investment piece looking at its condition even after a year of usage. Maybe few years ago, I would think a zillion times before buying a red bag, as I would be faced with the classic question as to how often I was gonna use it or what outfits would go best with it. But now, there are no rules. I think I could rock a red bag in any way and it is absolutely harmonious with anything. I have a thing for large bags especially totes as I am a woman who loves to carry her whole world along with her. It is just so chic and utilitarian at the same time.

I simply loved how the resultant look with the white lace dress and a red bag played out. I think the look completely stood out from the crowd and made up for some good street photography. I completed the look with black suede lace up boots, black tasseled earrings and my usual stack of bracelets. Two powerful pieces such a classic lace dress and a red bag, I was confused what to call the post. For now, I am sticking to ‘White Lace Dress’.

 I am wearing-

Zara dress; Lulu & Sky shorts; H&M bralette and earrings; Forever 21 boots; Madewell bag; Accessorise bracelets

Photo by: Pradip Hazarika (instagram: pradiphazarikaphotography)

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