Sweet Soulmate Skirt

July 14, 2019

My 8 dollars Tobi skirt is a steal!!! Tobi consistently brings us cute stuff and some of them are absolutely mouthwatering. A short skirt is a statement in itself and is eye catching to no end. I have been a ‘short skirt long hair’ kinda gal throughout so I find them very easy to pull off. This skirt came with shorts as a lining that completely freed me from any discomfort of the shortness whatsoever. It also comes with a cool front zip.  I felt so liberated in it. Besides the fact that it is so exuberant, young and flirty, it comes with a beautiful flare which makes it so feminine and full of cheer. Don’t shoot me if I want to be head turner today! The skirt is entirely lace and I have paired it with black spaghetti having lace details. I decided to go with flip-flops as footwear which come with the inherent casualness. Mine have leather straps and keep my outfit dressed up throughout. I am adding a large bag to all the shortness with my ‘Gigi for Tommy Hilfigur’ tote, a stack of chunky bracelets and a pair of dainty earrings. Short skirt, big smile!

I am wearing –

Tobi skirt; Abercrombie & Fitch spaghetti; Tommy Hilfigur bag; Aldo flip-flops; Nine West sunglasses; Pieces bracelet; Accessorise earrings

Photo by –

Sanket Kashid (insta:

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