That 70s Style!

February 11, 2021

Style began in the 70s! As much as I love the 70s music, I have a weak spot for the decade as it birthed a wave of experimental and alternative fashion. Fashion, that did not identify with the mainstream or the more acceptable style trends but the one that got popular along with the emerging sub-cultures of the eclectic era like the hippy, glam, goth etc. and soon became integral to them and exposed them to a lot of controversy back then too. The freedom of expression is what we are talking about. 70s will always be remembered for the conception of various iconic styles that conquered the decade. The magnetic charm of the 70s continues to influence the trends even today. Once a while the 70s keeps making an appearance that quite definitely finds a way into our closets. Be it fringes, high boots, knee-high socks, long and embroidered vests, floral shirts, bell sleeves and of course the classic flares. Presently, all of them seem to have infiltrated the current trends and its safe to say that the 70s style is revisited time and again. Oh boy! Now all I can think about is That 70s Show.

While the baggy and wide-legged jeans have been the season’s top denim trend, it seems to have brought with it the classic 70s denim trend, the flare. Not a jeans person, but admire the 70s way too much to overlook the flares making a comeback along-side. Looking at the current trends having multiple elements of this electrifying decade in the fashion history, it was not hard to create a look that was inspired by the great 70s. My favourite brands such as Urban Outfitters, which was actually conceived in 1970, have truly preserved this feisty trend to this day. So many of their items seem to come straight out of the 70s, especially after it hived off a part of it and created its sub-brand, Free People. Free People needs no introduction. The number one name in the universe of bohemian fashion. You know how obsessed I am with it.

I created the 70s look with a pair of flared jeans from Replay and an embroidered vest from Free People.  I felt it couldn’t get more 70s for me. I wish I had a head band. That was a popular accessory then. I have completely fallen in love with the brand Replay. The jeans fit perfectly. It is so convenient to have that pair of jeans that need no alteration. The Free People bag has co-ordinated well with the look and I am wearing a pair of boots by Woodland that goes with my Urban Outfitters belt. Finished the look with a necklace from Urban Outfitters. Whenever I am in doubt, be it any outfit, I just reach for this one. Let the 70s rule!

I am wearing –

Replay jeans; Free People t-shirt, vest & bag; Woodland boots; Urban Outfit necklace & belt; Accessorize bracelets

Photo by –

Sanket Kashid (insta:

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